Our works


Golay has been playing a key role through its participation in most power generation projects with cooperation of the largest companies in the world.

1 – Supply, maintenance and replacement of all expansion joints and silencers for K1 unit in Kirkuk power station. All materials provided by G + H and Frenzelit companies.

2. Supply and Installation of the dust removal system for K1, K2 units in Kirkuk gas station.  All materials were provided by Donaldson and installed by us.

3 – Supply and installation of natural gas filters in Kirkuk gas station. All materials provided by Clark Reliance US.

4 – Supply of separation system of liquid gas from natural gas in Kirkuk gas station, materials provided by Clark Reliance US.

5 – Supply and installation of air filters for Kirkuk gas stations, Mala Abdullah gas station and Baiji stations. All filters were provided by Donaldson and Diftech.

6 – Supply and instillation of the “turbine oil filtration systems” in Kirkuk power plants, Mala Abdullah, Dibs and Baiji gas  stations.

7 – Rental of 300 tons cranes to Baiji gas station and Kirkuk power station to work with Siemens company in the stations.

8 – Installation of fire extinguishing systems and fire alarms for Baiji thermal station and gas depressions stations.

9 – Supply and installation of solar systems.

10 – Supply of GE and SEIMINS control cards  for Mala Abdullah gas power station.

11 – Supply valves and pipes to the refineries of Qayara station provided by  SICOM. www.sicomitalia.com

12- Supply fluorescent pumps to Baiji refineries.

13. Replacement of internal lining of the combustion chamber of K1 unit in Taza Power Plant.